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Gastric Band Removal with possible Conversion to Sleeve, Bypass or D.S.

Lap band removal is becoming more and more popular. As many as half of all people with gastric bands eventually have their lap band taken out and  most will be converted to a different weight loss surgery.

Fortunately, there are options for revising a gastric band to another weight loss surgery to maintain and improve long-term weight loss and health problems. 

Regardless of how your initial gastric band surgery was performed, it will likely be possible for your removal procedure to be performed laparoscopically and a conversion to a new weight loss surgery may be possible at the same time.

After the gastric band removal procedure you may be able to leave the hospital on the day of your procedure or have a short (one- to two-day) hospital stay depending on existing medical conditions,  or if you choose to convert to another weight loss surgical procedure.

The removal procedure is low risk.

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