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First, you're going to have a lot of general questions about surgery, the webinar will provide most of the information you need to know. In the webinar the doctor will present all of the information you need to make an informed decision. You will need to pre-register online and attend a webinar to get started. Once the pre-registration and webinar are completed the office will contact you to complete your registration process and schedule your initial consultation.

If help is needed with the pre-registration or webinar sign-on please don't hesitate to call 602.252.1510.

Next, we're going to have some questions about you. Just like any doctors office we will need your insurance card, medication information and health history.
Finally, you can meet with the doctor for your first consultation. At this first visit you and Dr.Juarez will discuss your history and your plan for the future. This will determine which surgery is right for your lifestyle. For this visit we will bill your insurance.
At the end of the visit, you will meet with Dr. Juarez's authorizations specialist who will guide you through the insurance or self pay process to surgery or provide financing information, if you like. All of this can be done in one day!

There will be a pre-op class prior to your surgery, you will learn more about what to expect following your surgery and will be able to sample bariatric friendly goodies and maybe establish a little community of people going through the same process. Our research shows the closer our community, the better your success and that's our goal.

After surgery you can count on seeing Dr. Juarez, your surgeon, for all of your follow-up visits and questions!

Points of interest:
Statistics show that the cost of surgery
is significantly lower than years of medications, fad diets and grocery expenses.
Our office offers both self-pay and financing options, but unless specifically excluded most insurance companies cover bariatric surgery.
In our experience most patients are back to work, and ready to start an exercise regimen by their 2 week
post surgery office visit.

What to expect when you're considering weight-loss surgery: News
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